Why Nail Art? Reason 1

I get asked by a lot of people why I do nail art. So I decided to do a series of posts about why.

You have accessories for your outfit, why not for your nails? Here’s an example:





You see? This is reason 1 why I do nail art!

Come back soon! Toodles!


Minion Nails!

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE the movie Despicable Me. So I decided to do minion nails! Here is a tutorial for the really cute nail art.

1) Start with a basic manicure.


2) Paint your nails yellow. I used NYC Taxi Yellow Creme.


3) Paint a blue line on the tip of the nail, the overalls.


4) Draw a white circle, then outline it with black and paint a black circle inside it. Use red to create the strap.


5) Paint a black half-circle above the overalls.


6) Use white to draw teeth and pink or red to make a tongue (optional)


Tada! Hoped you liked this tutorial. Make sure to comment on what you want me to do next! Bye!

Migi Nail Pen Review

If you’ve been with this blog,you’ve seen me mention nail pens a few times. My personal favorites, and the ones I’ll be using are from Migi. They cost about $25 for 8 colors, but are definitely worth it!


First of all, I have the original set and the (not pictured) neon set. The original comes with the following colors: red, green, yellow, orange, white, black, blue, and pink. The set also comes with an instruction booklet, a cleaning needle, and an idea packet. You can also go on the website for tutorials.
I like these pens because they dispense polish nicely. You can control how much polish comes out. Also, they don’t require too much pressure from your fingers, so they don’t get cramped.
The colors are nice and dark, so you don’t have to keep reapplying the polish. All in all, I really would recommend that Migi nail art pens for your nail art collection. Have a good day, and don’t forget to request any nail tutorials that you want me to do. Toodles!

Cherry Nail Art!

One of my favorite things to do when I don’t feel like doing every nail is to paint my base coat, then only do nail art on one finger of each hand. That’s what is did for this tutorial, but you can do all your nails if you want.

1) Start with a basic manicure.


2) Paint your nails white. I used NYC French Manicure White, and I did three coats.


3) Using nail art pens, paint two small red dots close together.


4) Use green to paint the stem.


5) Repeat steps three and four all over the nail.


6) Paint a top coat and you are done!

Sorry for the sloppiness of the nails; I was rushing! Sorry, and hope you enjoyed this tutorial!