Migi Nail Pen Review

If you’ve been with this blog,you’ve seen me mention nail pens a few times. My personal favorites, and the ones I’ll be using are from Migi. They cost about $25 for 8 colors, but are definitely worth it!


First of all, I have the original set and the (not pictured) neon set. The original comes with the following colors: red, green, yellow, orange, white, black, blue, and pink. The set also comes with an instruction booklet, a cleaning needle, and an idea packet. You can also go on the website for tutorials.
I like these pens because they dispense polish nicely. You can control how much polish comes out. Also, they don’t require too much pressure from your fingers, so they don’t get cramped.
The colors are nice and dark, so you don’t have to keep reapplying the polish. All in all, I really would recommend that Migi nail art pens for your nail art collection. Have a good day, and don’t forget to request any nail tutorials that you want me to do. Toodles!